i'm fine
that one blatant lie
I am simply a sixteen-year-old female named Daniella, desperately holding on to the idea of that one blatant lie, "I'm fine." For I am here to let all others who utilize this phrase that they are not alone. My background was created by the talented Wenqqing Yan. Check out her deviantart: yuumei.deviantart.com
The flower that blooms in adversity
is the most rare and beautiful of all.

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justin bieber looks like the kinda guy that would take some of your fries without asking

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put a fucking bag on your head and sleep you god damn piece of shit

take a nap on a fucking ski lift

Alan Bennett (b.1945), Stage Landscape (1968), oil on canvas, 213.5 x 152 cm. Via BBC.


even dead i’m better than u

Really? Because i busted out and you’re still stuck there. Enjoy your very tiny accommodations.